Ali Adnan


Technologist and entrepreneur with 20+ years of software development and management experience, I build software products and applications, lead innovative multinational teams and provide software consultancy. My passion has always been delivering high quality products and I am proud of being instrumental in playing key roles through the products I have built.

I have worked at Nokia and Microsoft for 10 years, in a variety of roles, which saw me leading projects and creating cutting-edge SW products.

In 2016 when I founded Quiske, an IoT company, I discovered a new area of fulfilment for myself that brought together technology, entrepreneurship and creativity.

During my consulting tenure I provided software development services and technology expertise to diverse clientele for a wide variety of products ranging from complete ecosystems encompassing multiple technologies to mobile applications, fintech, IoT, sports and other domains.


Software Development, Technology Management, Agile, Software Architecture, DevOps, Team Management, Product Management.

Technology Domains

Mobile Applications, Web Apps, IoT, Fintech.